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Graphite Parts

Graphite part is formed for use in a wide variety of manufactured parts benefiting the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, chemical, metallurgical, nuclear and electronics industries. It is usually the result of a copper and pure graphite composite, creating a material that is both structurally sound and reliable. Copper graphite is expensive, but it has improved conductivity and strength compared to pure graphite. Other metallic graphite mixtures may be used but may prove less effective.

Product Features:

Graphite materials you can choose:
Molded graphite, isostatic pressing graphite, graphite vibration molding, extrusion graphite, high purity graphite, coarse and fine structure of graphite, graphite electrode and so on


Graphite products carbon graphite with high dense, low resistivity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity, etc

Product Parameters:

  XDL-1 XDL-2 XDL-3 XDL-4 XDL-5
Bulk Density g/cm3 MIN 1.91 1.85 1.80 1.75 1.86
Ash PPM 50 500-1000 500-1000 500-1000 500MAX
Grain Size μm 8-10 25 25 25 4-6
Specific Resistance μΩm 10-12 11~13 11~13 15MAX 14MAX
Compressive Strength Mpa MIN 138 80 75 55 120
Flexible Strength Mpa MIN 60 40 37 25 55
Shore Hardness MIN 60 55 50 50 72
C.T.E 5.0 4.5 4.4 4.0 4
Yong Modulous Gpa 12 11.5 10 10.5 12

Application and After-Sales Service:


Graphite parts and graphite material can be used in foundry, metallurgy, various high temperature industrial furnaces, glass, chemical, mechanical and electric power industries.
1. Carbon vane for vacuum pump
2. Graphite /carbon block
3. Graphite /carbon rod
4. Graphite /carbon tube
5. Graphite /carbon bearing
6. Graphite/carbon wheel for glass fiber drawing machine
7. Other graphite products

Our graphite parts are exported to USA, Canada, Europe, and South America and Southeast Asia.

After-sales service:

Accept any repair of the product, help to improve technology for customer. And also provide long-term technical help and support for you.


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