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Metallized Ceramic

We supply precision big diameter glazing&metallized ceramic in alumium oxide ceramics for the military, medical and aerospace industries. Through spray, needle and brush coatings or screen printing our capabilities allow us to metallized on flat, cylindrical and complex ceramic bodies. Moly-Manganese is the typical base coat materials used for metallization.
Depending on the shape of the surface to be metallized, other methods such as ruling or brushing are used. Subsequently, the metallization is baked under forming gas (90% nitrogen (N2) and 5% hydrogen (H2)). The forming gas protects the metal particles during the burn-in from oxidation. The result is a cohesive connection between metallization and ceramic.

Product Features:

Overview of Main Physical Properties:
1. Good electrical insulation
2. High mechanical strength
3. Excellent wear resistance
4. Excellent corrosion resistance
5. Low dielectric constant

Product Parameters:

Metallization Processing
(See Process Description Below)
Outer Diameter and Inner Diameter Banding
Screen Printing
Base Metallization Materials Moly Manganese
Tungsten Manganese
Moly Tungsten Manganese
Materials for Metallization Aluminum Oxide
Beryllium Oxide (Restrictions Apply)
Metallization Characteristics/Benefits Low Temperature Firing
Universally Applicable
Process Speed
Uniform Coating, Thickness and Density
No substrate deformation
Metallization Equipment Domestic Furnaces
Industry Focus Department of Defense
Department of Energy
Solar Product Manufacturing
Computer and Electronics
Vacuum Electronics
Intended Applications for Metallization Products Traveling Wave Tubes
Vacuum Electronic Devices
Medical Devices
Photon Machines
Neutron Generators
X-Ray Tubes
High Vacuum Feed Through
Relay Insulators
E-Beam Technology

Available Metallization&Plating Specifications:

Available Ceramic Compositions Al2O3 94%,97%,99.5%
Available Metallization Materials Mo/Mn
Metallization Thickness 25±10um
Available Plating Materials Ni/Ag/Au
Plating Thickness 2-10um

Application and After-Sales Service:

Overview of Main Applications:
1. Pump seals and other components
2. Wear resistant inserts
3. Insulating washers or bushings
4. Semiconductor components
5. Aerospace components
6. Automotive sensors
7. Electrical or electronic insulators

Our metallized ceramic are exported to USA, Canada, Europe, and South America and Southeast Asia.

After-sales service:
Accept any repair of the product, help to improve technology for customer. And also provide long-term technical help and support for you.


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